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 eather Tree Christmas trees made by The Feather Tree Co. ® are handmade reproductions using real goose feathers. The trees come in a variety of colors, although the most popular   are "dark green" and "ivory." Please be sure to specify your color preference when placing an order. Because they are handmade, feather tree colors and sizes may vary slightly.

he distinction between our "Deluxe" and "Classic" feather trees has to do with the number of branches, the number of sprouts on the trees, and the style of the base.

he Deluxe trees have sprouts while the Classic trees (with the exception of the 6 and 7 foot trees) do not. The bases on the Classic trees are wooden block bases. The Deluxe bases are either lathe-turned or wooden boxes. Be sure to visit our "Tree Comparison" page for more information.

he bases of our trees are all made from hardwoods by skilled furniture makers. They provide great stability as well as long term durability. We paint the bases to give them an Old World Christmas appeal. The total height of the tree includes the height of the base.

ach tree comes with a card detailing the history of the feather tree. It also explains the best way to care for the tree to ensure that it will become a treasured family heirloom. We request that lighted candles never be used on feather trees or any artificial Christmas tree. Note that the "sprouts" (side shoots) on the branches are ornamental in character and that Christmas decorations are not intended to hang from them.

Christmas Tree History - The Feather Tree Story

Feather Tree Specialty Model - Candy Box Treehristmas Trees made from artificial materials were first produced over 100 years ago! At the latter part of the 19th century, decorated trees were becoming ever more popular for the holiday celebration. However, there was a growing concern that the forestland was being depleted of trees, especially during the holiday season. With the advent of the "Goosefeather" tree, some of the problems concerning deforestation were solved.

eather Trees were the first artificial trees. Made in Germany to resemble the white pines of the German forestland, they had wider spaces between their branches than what we normally expect of today's Christmas Trees. But that space is what makes them great for showing off ornaments!

33 Inch Victorian Tree - click here for more informationhe earliest Feather Trees in America were brought by German immigrants. Germans loved the celebration of Christmas- they couldn't think of being without a Christmas Tree! Many of the trees from Germany were tabletop trees, easily transported to America along with other holiday traditions.

oosefeathers were the feathers of choice for feather trees, and still are today. The feathers were wrapped around stiff wire to become the branches of the trees. These branches were then attached to a wooden rod, the truck of the tree. The trunk was then inserted into a stable base for support. Red berries or candle holders were placed at the ends of the branches. Even in the early days, Feather Trees up to six feet tall could be found.

White Feather Tree close-up photoome of the early Feather Trees can still be found today. Collectors decorate them with antique Christmas ornaments made from wax, paper scraps, tinsel, and glass. Many, however, have deteriorated because they were stored away in hot attics or damp basements. Others have simply been trashed by people who did not recognize their heritage or value. This is not surprising, as early Feather Trees hardly had the appearance of what we have come to expect of our Christmas Trees!

oday, Dianna Carlson is renewing the art form of the Goosefeather Tree. She is producing the highest quality reproductions available. Her hope is that her Feather Trees will become an important part of your Christmas heritage.

n a Related Note
Please be sure to visit the GOLDEN GLOW OF CHRISTMAS PAST web site. Golden Glow is a National club for collectors of antique Christmas memorabilia from ornaments and Santas, to lighting, tinsel, snowmen, feather trees, snow babies, post cards and more. Golden Glow emphasizes early Christmas (pre-1966). This link opens a new browser window

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